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Herbs & Home remedies

Let food be your first medicine & kitchen your first pharmacy

Holistic medicine is a broad range of medical practices that are based on many years of tradition. Ayurvedic medicine is founded on the understanding that illnesses are due to a weakness in the body that allows for a disease to take hold in the first place. Herbal medicine builds upon the body’s natural strength so that all organs, tissues, muscles and cells can get to work, functioning in the way they were designed to. This simple & profound wisdom is at the heart of the Ayurvedic Natural Medicine which build strength so that your body can do the natural healing it was made to do. Supplementing with herbs does not only treat symptoms but also assists the body in unwinding disease processes. As a result, the body is freed from the root cause of the aggravating symptom.

Particular foods and spices are advised therapeutically as herbs, or in combination with herbs. Herbs give subtle nutrition and stimulation to the deeper tissues and organs; foods deal with the grosser nutrition. spices as “wonder foods” not only give food flavour, but they have tremendous medicinal power and can be very potent in their effects.

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