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Integrative vedic counselling

To find real happiness from inside

People are more stressful in today's fast life, and all this pressure can produce wear and tear on the body and mind. Frequent exposure to stress can result in imbalances and health issues such as sleep disorders, anxiety attacks, depression and weight loss or gain.

I utilise an integrative and holistic ayurvedic approach to psychotherapy with an emphasis on assist clients with getting to the root or energetic cause of illnesses or difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. These issues can range from physical ailments to emotional/psychological disorders. In this session, the practitioner offers the client insight into behaviours, patterns, beliefs, and habits that are inhibiting him/her from obtaining full access to develop positive life patterns towards to their true self.

As an Ayurvedic Counsellor, I can assist you in bringing clarity and balance on an emotional and energetic level. I offer tools to do all by yourself!

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